Enhancing Navigation Capabilities of the AgustaWestland AW101 Helicopter

Honeywell Aerospace has been selected by AgustaWestland to provide enhanced navigation capabilities for the AW101 helicopter. The LASEREF VI Inertial Navigation System provides advanced inertial navigation technology and makes it easier for helicopter pilots to navigate with extreme accuracy even if GPS is not available. The system brings unprecedented new capabilities to the AW101 including greater precision and efficiency and is available as an upgrade for helicopters already in-service, as well as new build aircraft.

Operators of the AW101 helicopter will see a range of benefits from upgrading to the LASEREF VI INS, including a Required Navigation Performance (RNP) of 0.3 nautical miles with 100% availability. With this level of precision operators can fly approaches not previously possible, even in situations when GPS is not available. The system is designed to withstand the hot and dusty conditions of rotorcraft operations and it uses ring laser gyro technology to provide pilots with incredibly accurate positioning data and maximized safety even during extended periods of operation.

Commenting on the selection by AgustaWestland, Steve Lien, vice president for Defense and Space International commented, “The advanced technology behind the LASEREF VI will bring a wealth of new functionality for AW101 helicopters,”
Steve went on to comment “Operators who select this technology will benefit from precise flying approaches not previously possible, and pilots will be able to achieve accurate positioning data and maximize safety during operations.”

Honeywell’s LASEREF VI will help AW101 operators improve mission capability and flexibility of their fleet, reduce their pilot workload, and ensure that safety is maintained at all times. Honeywell was selected given its proven performance record and certified RNP capability, helping the AW101 remain one of the most capable tactical transport helicopter platforms on the market today.

The new upgrade will be available to operators from 2016 and marks the first time that a Honeywell civil inertial reference system has been certified on an AgustaWestland platform.

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