Reliable and versatile wheels and braking systems for landing, taxi and take off

Every five seconds, an airliner lands with Honeywell’s wheels and braking systems

In an aerospace environment where virtually every dimension is compressed – from congested taxiways to shorter runway exits and tighter gate turn-times – airlines seek ways to improve cost efficiency while also delivering an exceptional passenger experience. The right wheels and brakes can contribute significantly to achieving both objectives.

Since 1923, Honeywell wheels and brakes have helped commercial and military customers achieve the balance of high performance with lower total cost of ownership. Today, we continue to offer a set of products that deliver a superior performance, every time. Ranging from the pace-setting energy absorption on the world’s largest airliner, the Airbus A380, to the demanding military missions of the advanced F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, Honeywell's CARBENIX™ carbon brakes demonstrate reliable performance and industry-leading durability.

Wheel solutions for commercial and military platforms

Honeywell is focused on advancing aerospace technology and worldwide service support through product innovation and a commitment to customer satisfaction. We continue to invest significantly in advanced technology and integrated solutions that help us meet our customers’ increasing and ever evolving demands.

“Our lightweight aluminum alloy main and nose wheels are designed and manufactured to stringent aerospace requirements of weight, strength and durability," says Kristopher Rich, Director, Marketing & Product Management, Commercial Carbon.
"And, our rim-retained wheel designs dependably operate under extreme mission profiles on military fighter platforms such as the F35 and F18 while providing breakthrough Honeywell User Experience advantages.”

The same advanced design is also available for commercial aircraft, where it delivers benefits including lighter weight, greater brake life and reduced maintenance time and costs.

Trusted carbon and steel brakes systems

Honeywell offers a pair of braking solutions, CERAMETALIX® steel brakes and CARBENIX™ carbon brakes. Both lines deliver a high degree of reliability. For decades these brakes have set the industry standard for durability.

CERAMETALIX® steel brakes provide greater total value than carbon alternatives in certain scenarios; they are preferred and installed on the largest 737-700/-800 fleets in the world. The CERAMETALIX® friction material family has been further optimized to improve thermal capability and wear performance while ensuring the shortest gate turn times in the industry.

“We have modernized manufacturing processes and control technologies to ensure CERAMETALIX® brakes continue to provide the reliability, performance and excellent maintainability that our customers expect,” says Chris Matheis, Honeywell Director, Marketing & Product Management for Defense & Space.

Honeywell CARBENIX™ carbon brakes deliver high reliability, improved weight savings and lower overall lifecycle costs. As a result, airlines achieve increased aircraft availability through longer maintenance intervals.

“Our lightweight carbon brakes can help improve fuel burn efficiency – vital to longer-range aircraft – and they have longer on-wing time which helps minimize maintenance events,” Matheis says.
“No matter which type of Honeywell brake they choose, we know that every minute a plane is on the ground or in for maintenance our customers lose revenue. That’s why we work every day to develop the aerospace industry’s most efficient wheel and braking systems.”

An exciting future

While the Wheels and Braking Systems enterprise has a rich history in aerospace, it continues to innovate. The team is investing heavily in next-generation friction material design and manufacturing processes as well as new carbon oxidation prevention systems. And, as more aircraft operators look for systematic approaches to maintenance and reliability analysis to lower overall operating costs, Honeywell is developing methods to link aircraft usage and condition data to operational cost drivers to provide real-world cost savings benefits through sensing and data connectivity of aircraft systems.

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