Ovation Select "C-Series" Customers Get Upgrade Program

Ovation Select "C-Series" Customers Get Upgrade Program

July 27, 2015

Honeywell is now offering a new cabin management upgrade program for "C-Series" (CS) customers, called Ovation Select® CS.

Ovation Select is an all-digital, high-definition, scalable, state-of-the-art total cabin management system that gives business jet passengers the ultimate in in-flight entertainment, business productivity and connectivity. Passengers can also control a variety of cabin environmental conditions ─ including lighting, seats, temperature, galley, even window shades─with a simple touch-screen interface at the seat or from the convenience of a mobile electronic device.

The upgrade path for the more than 1,600 operators of existing C-Series-equipped aircraft integrates new, digital Ovation Select components with the existing analog Ovation C-Series components.

This is a flexible upgrade solution that can include a variety of available cabin upgrades at an affordable cost, allowing operators to evolve their existing analog C-series Cabin Management System by integrating Ovation Select digital technology

These options include adding an Ovation Select digital backbone and components that convert standard definition displays to "Full HD" (1080p high-definition video), replacing the existing Pronto remote control with personal iPod, iPhone, iPad and Android devices on the customer's own tablet or smartphone and replacing discrete switch panels with Ovation Select touchscreen controllers.

The key components of the Ovation Select CS upgrade solution include

  • the 8.9” Ovation Select Touchscreen,
  • the Utility Interface, and
  • the Cabin Interface Unit.

Customers can use the Ovation Select website to view a short video, download a brochure, access the customer support portal or request a specialist to contact them.

Ovation Select cabin mock-up technology demonstrators that provide the complete user experience are available throughout the U.S., and in Shanghai, China.