Mission Planning and Asset Tracking for Helicopter Operators

Troo and Honeywell Aerospace offer helicopter operators a highly capable mission management solution that helps them make decisions about their assets and how they’re being operated in every phase of the mission.

But that only scratches the surface of the value that the TrooTrax system brings to the table. Operators will have a powerful satellite communications tool combined with a tracking and analytics platform that enhances safety, reduce costs and improve effectiveness before and after a mission is flown.

The Honeywell-Troo solution includes a variety of features that enable better pre-flight planning, mission accomplishment and compliance, and post-flight analysis.

For example, the pilot can load a flight plan into the tracker via the maps function before the flight begins, which sets in motion a variety of processes that help ensure the helicopter stays on course and is operated safely and efficiently. The system can be used to display the flight plan and live updates on progress against the plan. The system can then also be used to setup route performance indicators and milestones based on the prescribed flight plan and use geofencing technology to automatically send out alerts to the operations center if variations from plan should occur.

TrooTrax Global Aviation Weather monitoring overlays over 40 layers of up-to-the minute live and forecasted aviation weather data onto the aircraft tracking display, enabling pilots, dispatchers and others to see up-to-the-minute weather information related to any aircraft’s flight plan. Coming soon is a patented automatic alerting feature that will warn pilots and dispatchers of changing weather conditions that could impact the mission or affect flight safety.

After the flight, an augmented reporting feature gives operators the ability to capture 64 different data parameters from the Honeywell avionics unit with parameters covering just about every aspect of flight, including altitude, airspeed and engine performance metrics. This information can be downloaded and analyzed, providing operators with insight into how the aircraft was operated and offering a more accurate alternative than the paper charts that are frequently used today. Such information can be used to diagnose potential maintenance problems and evaluate operational effectiveness.

This information can also inform the planning process and drive operator efficiency. For example, it can be used to determine how much time it took the aircraft to complete various aspects of the mission, which can be used to enhance the scheduling process.

Mission management solutions like Sky Connect Tracker III can help operators improve safety, manage operating and maintenance costs, reduce flight crew and operations center workload, and ensure that operators have the information they need to get the job done – before, during and after the mission.

To learn more, download the Total Mission Management white paper.

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