Helicopter Newsletter Q3 2015

Welcome to the third quarter edition of the 2015 Honeywell Helicopter Newsletter. This issue covers mission management solutions with our partner Troo, distributor training for our HUMS products in Raunheim, Germany and an upcoming webcast for the LTS101 and HTS900 engines. We also have information on how you can schedule a flight demo in the ultimate force multiplier at ALEA EXPO 2015 in Houston, Texas.

We’re bringing you the Possibilities of Vertical Flight. Made Easy.

Rick Angelo
Commercial Helicopter Strategic Marketing Leader

HTS900 Enables Operational Savings for Law Enforcement Operators HTS900 Enables Operational Savings for Law Enforcement Operators
Honeywell’s HTS900 engine is included in the Eagle 407HP upgrade and certified by the FAA and Transport Canada.  The engine is the newest addition to Honeywell’s industry-leading family of helicopter...
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Mission Planning and Asset Tracking for Helicopter Operators Mission Planning and Asset Tracking for Helicopter Operators
Troo and Honeywell Aerospace offer helicopter operators a highly capable mission management solution that helps them make decisions about their assets and how they’re being operated in every phase of...
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Honeywell Engines Set the Benchmark for Turbine Helicopters Honeywell Engines Set the Benchmark for Turbine Helicopters
Honeywell Aerospace powers many of the most predominant helicopter families in the military and commercial rotorcraft market. Honeywell’s LTS101 and HTS900 engines reduce operator costs...
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Helicopter HUMS Training Aims to Improve Service
New developments in the Honeywell Health and Usage Monitoring System (HUMS)product line were the subject when more than 20 of the company’s customer business managers and authorized HUMS...
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Product Spotlight

The KRA-405B is the Radar Altimeter of choice for many helicopter platforms from Honeywell's family of Radar Altimeters. The KRA-405B has a large installation base consisting of various types of aircraft including helicopters, as well as business & regional jets. The radar altimeter incorporates Frequency-Modulated Continuous-Wave (FMCW) technology which is used to altitude determination. This technology also provides exceptional capability to capture reliable data while in a hover over water. Additionally, the KRA-405B offering provides the following benefits to Helicopter operators:

  • DO-160, DO-178 certified
  • Accuracy of ± 3ft or ± 3%, <500ft. ±5%, <500ft.
  • Pitch & Roll Limits of ±30°
  • Size: 3"W x 3.5"H x 11"L
  • Weight: 3lb

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Upcoming Helicopter Shows and Events

ALEA EXPO 2015 - July 13-18
2015 China Helicopter Exposition - September 9-13
Helitech International - October 6-8
HAC 2015 - November 13-15

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