Crowds flock to celebrate 100 years of AgustaWestland

On Sunday 12th July crowds flocked to the AgustaWestland facility at Yeovil as the company celebrated its 100 year anniversary at the site by hosting an open day for employees past and present and their families. As part of the celebration AgustaWestland opened a wide range of buildings for visitors to tour to learn more about how helicopters are manufactured.

Honeywell’s facility in Yeovil is co-located with AgustaWestland and so, as part of the celebrations, we also opened our factory to employees and their families. This gave visitors the opportunity to understand more about the important safety products that are designed and manufactured by Honeywell in Yeovil. The tour featured all of the major product lines that are manufactured on site, including Environmental Control Systems (ECS), which are used to maintain a safe and comfortable environment for pilots, crew and passengers in both commercial and military applications, Life Support Systems, which deliver clean and safe air for military aircrew to breathe and Hydraulic Systems which control the hydraulic systems on-board the aircraft, including systems such as landing gear.

In the afternoon AgustaWestland laid on an impressive flying display which included the AW159 Wildcat helicopter, which is powered by CTS800 engines, the Lynx helicopter, the AW101 helicopter, as well as an impressive display by the Apache. Perhaps the most exciting aircraft of the day however was the new AW609 TiltRotor aircraft which also took to the skies. It took off with rotors up for vertical take-off, just like a helicopter. Mid-flight it flipped the rotors down and flew as a prop powered aircraft. It was exciting to see this next generation technology from AgustaWestland take flight over the crowd.

John Parker, site leader for Yeovil commented, “This has been a great event which has allowed us to open our doors and share the great work that takes place on this site with our employee’s friends and family.” John went on to say, “AgustaWestland is both our customer and our landlord and so we wanted to take the opportunity to share in their celebrations as they mark this important milestone in their history.”

Congratulations to AgustaWestland – looking forward to the next 100 years!

To find out more about the 100 year celebrations at AgustaWestland – click here.

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