Boeing Donates First 787 to Japanese Airport

Nearly eight years after it rolled off Boeing®’s assembly line the first 787 Dreamliner will soon find a permanent home at the Chubu Centrair International Airport in Nagoya, Japan. On July 7, Boeing will formally donate the aircraft – known as ZA-001 – to the airport to recognize the region’s aviation heritage and provide an educational resource for students. About 35 percent of the Dreamliner is assembled in the Nagoya area.

As a leading supplier of critical components for the Boeing 787, Honeywell Aerospace will be well-represented on the Dreamliner static display, which is scheduled to go live in 2016. Honeywell donated the company products that equip the 787, giving future visitors exposure to the breadth and depth of Honeywell’s industry-leading aerospace technology.

“Honeywell is proud to support Boeing in this landmark donation and to partner with them on this unique, super-efficient airplane,” said John Bolton, president of Air Transport and Regional for Honeywell Aerospace.
“More than 1,000 Honeywell people worldwide worked on 787-related innovations, all of which help Boeing achieve new levels of performance, efficiency and ease-of-use.”

Honeywell equipment on the Dreamliner includes:

  • The 787 Flight Management System, which gives flight crews expanded flight planning capabilities to select routes, altitude and timing to compute the fastest, most fuel-efficient route.
  • The Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System, a safety system that reduces the chances of controlled flight into terrain.
  • The Air Data Inertial Reference System (ADIRS), an advanced navigation system enabling more direct routing and a key component for next-generation air traffic management.
  • The Navigation System, which helps the flight crew determine the aircraft’s location, anywhere in the world.
  • External, cargo and service lighting systems that enhance safety and improve operational efficiency.
  • The Crew Information System, Maintenance System, Communications Management Function, Earth Reference System, Engine Anti-Ice Valves and Oil and Generator Coolers.

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