Introducing Powerful, Lightweight Satcom

Aspire™ 200 in-flight communications systems offer a broad range of connectivity options to suit a wide variety of requirements. Now, Honeywell has upgraded the entry-level Satcom to provide worldwide coverage and higher performance for small to mid-size aircraft.

The enhanced Aspire 200 IG single-channel Inmarsat Satcom system features the world's smallest antenna of its type, the AMT-1800 High-Gain Antenna, and a new state-of-the-art router, the CNX-250. The result is a compact high-performance connectivity solution sized and priced for single and multi-engine turboprops and small jets.

"Essentially, the upgraded Aspire IG 200 offers operators of smaller jets the connectivity performance of larger jets at a very affordable price," said Russell Gordon, Senior Strategic Sales Manager.

Unlike air-to-ground-based systems, the satellite-based Aspire 200 works on the ground and below 10,000 feet, so operators are never out of touch with the office, family or friends.

In addition to the intermediate gain Aspire 200 IG, Honeywell offers a high-gain version, the Aspire 200 HG.

The Aspire 200 IG provides a data rate up to 332 kbps while the Aspire 200 HG with an AMT-700 or AMT-3800 high gain antenna offers up to 432 kbps.

All Aspire 200 systems provide one channel of Inmarsat SwiftBroadband service, enabling simultaneous cabin voice and both wired and wireless Internet access.

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