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Honeywell to feature Avionics, Propulsion and Connectivity Products at Heli-Expo 2015

No one has broader and deeper expertise in vertical flight than Honeywell. You’ll see what we mean when you visit us at Heli-Expo 2015 March 2-5 in Orlando.

For starters, we’ll showcase our leadership capabilities in avionics, propulsion and connectivity systems that make flying in a helicopter safer and more efficient. We’ll also make several significant announcements about how we’re helping our customers achieve performance improvements. And we’ll release the annual Honeywell Helicopter Industry Forecast, which provides an authoritative look at industry trends from the unique perspective of helicopter operators worldwide.

Make plans now to visit us at Booth #1918 and to see our technology on display at our channel partners’ exhibits.

Communications Systems

Honeywell’s communications portfolio includes several broadband satellite solutions for rotary-wing platforms.

  • Sky Connect Tracker is an all-in-one system that enables concurrent voice, text, aircraft fleet tracking and real-time flight data monitoring (FDM) in a single box, courtesy of the global coverage provided by the Iridium® satellite network. Integrated with Honeywell’s Health and Usage Monitoring System (HUMS), Sky Connect also enables real-time aircraft health status and maintenance alerts to give ground maintenance and operations crews the ability to instantaneously see when a HUMS exceedance is detected, so that aircraft service can be scheduled, and parts available upon landing – minimizing downtime and improving operational efficiency.
  • Honeywell’s AMT-1800 Intermediate Gain Antenna (IGA) offers single- and multi-channel L-band connectivity to transmit and receive both voice and data over the Inmarsat satellite network. With no moving parts, the AMT-1800 IGA is perfect for fixed- wing aircraft and helicopters flying military, search and rescue, oil and gas, and other missions in hostile, harsh or rigorous conditions. The antenna provides the highest performance data-transmission rates when paired with an Aspire 200 or HSD-400 terminal equipped with High Data Rate (HDR) software. It also is reliable, easy to maintain and offers lower cost of ownership than comparable antennas.


Honeywell is a leading provider of avionics systems for all aircraft types, including helicopters.

  • Honeywell’s Vibration Monitoring/HUMS products offer a proactive approach to enhanced safety. The systems enable better maintenance planning which leads to increased aircraft availability with less downtime, faster turnaround and increased mission readiness. Condition based maintenance reduces the cost of spares, dedicated flight tests and asset recapitalization.

Murdock Welborn will present HUMS Case Studies during HAI’s Rotor Safety Challenge on March 3 and the HUMS VXP System and Sky Connect system will be on display in the Honeywell booth.

Propulsion Systems

Honeywell propulsion engines power helicopters flying every type of rotary-wing mission.

  • The HTS900 engine is the latest addition to Honeywell’s family of field-proven helicopter engines. The HTS900 incorporates a next-generation, Honeywell-designed Dual Centrifugal Compressor architecture increasing the aircraft’s power output while reducing fuel consumption. The engine allows for future engine growth with the same compressor architecture. It uses a Dual Channel FADEC system with a manual backup provision to ease pilot workload and facilitate engine maintenance planning and troubleshooting.
  • Since it was certified in 1975, more than 2,000 Honeywell LTS101 engines have been delivered to customers worldwide logging over 11 million service hours. The LTS101 provides power to the Bell 222, Eurocopter BK117, Changhe AC311and Eurocopter AS350. Honeywell’s T55 and LTS101 engines will be discussed in Heli-Expo’s Manufacturer Technical Briefings on March 4.

BendixKing® Systems

BendixKing by Honeywell gives operators the solutions they need to achieve their missions and meet government mandates.

  • The MK XXI EGPWS is ideal for VFR-equipped lighter helicopters without radio altimeter modes and aiding. It includes an internal global positioning system card and is ready to interface with weather radar indicators, multifunction displays and stand-alone displays. While this system operates without a radio altimeter, new FAA mandates require that a radio altimeter be installed by the 2018 deadline. The TRA45A supports the terrain display presentation from the MK XXII EGPWS. The KRA 405B provides the altitude data required by the mandate.
  • Our MK XXII EGPWS offers highly advanced safety functions for larger IFR-equipped helicopters with radio altimeters. In addition to standard EGPWS modes, it provides unique callouts for excessive bank angles, tail strike protection and autorotation. In addition to providing data for graphical display, the system provides aural terrain callouts for an added measure of safety. Our KRA 405B Radar Altimeter and TRA 45A display combines EGPWS and Radar Altitude in a single 3ATI display.
  • The Honeywell KRA-405B Altimeter offers expanded scale for helicopter operation and provides analog and ARINC 429 outputs to interface with GPWS, collision avoidance and other aircraft systems. The altimeter provides pilots with accurate and reliable information about their height above ground. For aircraft without a radio altimeter, the unit can be easily installed to meet the FAA mandate.
  • The BendixKing TRA-45A EGPWS/Radar Altimeter Indicator is ideal for displaying radar altitude and EGPWS information in a vivid color display that is easily viewed, even in bright daylight. Height-above-ground is displayed using an intuitive tape method and terrain data shows in various colors to communicate natural and manmade hazards. A compact 3-by-3 inches, the indicator is a drop-in replacement that fits the standard cutout for information displays.

If you can’t join us at Heli-Expo 2015, you can learn more about Honeywell’s complete portfolio of solutions for helicopter operators here.

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