SkyConnect Tracker III Offers FDM Solution

SkyConnect Tracker III Offers FDM Solution

Helicopter operators need look no further than Honeywell’s SkyConnect Tracker III satellite communications system when they need an effective “one-box” solution to their flight data monitoring (FDM) needs.

In addition to its SATCOM functions, the SkyConnect Tracker III transceiver gives operators the ability to capture up to 64 different data parameters via the A429 data bus, covering just about every aspect of flight and download them quickly and conveniently after the flight using a removable storage device.

The system’s FDM capabilities are ideal for Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) operators, who are required under new FAA rules to equip their aircraft with FDM capabilities by 2018. The FDM feature improves the safety and efficiency of flight for helicopters flying executive transportation, oil and gas, search and rescue, and firefighting.

The FDM feature set integrated into the SkyConnect Tracker III gives operators a unique understanding of how their aircraft are being operated and provides additional insight into operational and maintenance problems. With the Tracker III flight data recording system, operators can keep an eye on a broad range of parameters including airspeed, altitude, oil pressure, torque and fuel flow.

The system also monitors engine temperature and gives the operator the ability to choose preferred operating parameters within a specified range. If engine temperatures outside that range are recorded, the system can send a real-time notice so the operator is immediately notified that the engine is running outside of optimal temperature ranges.

As a world leader with decades of experience in satellite communications and FDM, Honeywell has the industry leading integrated solution within a single line replaceable unit. Other solutions require the addition of a separate data monitoring capture device, which adds weight and takes up space. The SkyConnect Tracker III is an easy drop-in replacement for existing SATCOM systems on helicopters.

With SkyConnect Tracker III, helicopter operators have the only tool they need to connect, talk, track their assets and record flight data.

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