Shaping the Future of Helicopter Technology

February 2, 2015

Shaping the Future of Helicopter Technology

Honeywell recently sponsored the International Military Helicopter Conference held in London. This event brings together influential industry leaders, high ranking military officers and a range of helicopter specialists to discuss the challenges associated with helicopter operations in combat environments. At the event Honeywell hosted a number of by-invitation workshop sessions which were aimed at fostering an open and inclusive discussion on the needs and requirements of military helicopters. The discussions focused on areas such as increasing helicopter availability through condition based maintenance, delivering flexible power solutions as helicopter mission profiles become ever more varied and keeping helicopters and their crew safe in combat operations. These were lively and well attended sessions which saw military helicopter operators from around the world sharing their experiences, their needs, and their opinions on the future requirements of military rotorcraft.

We also had the opportunity to give a presentation on the main conference day where we discussed the trends we are seeing within the helicopter community. These trends include the need for improved situational awareness - especially in degraded visual environments, an increased focus on on-board monitoring systems to reduce the maintenance burden and increase the availability of aircraft. Finally we also touched on the growing need for beyond line of sight connectivity to improve sharing of critical information when on station.

Peter Costello, our International Business Development Director commented, "The conference provided us with a great opportunity to network with military helicopter operators from around the world and to hear from them first hand the challenges they face when out on operations". He went on to say, "It also enabled us to share our emerging technology with the audience, which is aimed at reducing pilot workload, increasing safety, efficiency and connectivity, all of which are paramount to mission success."

During our presentation we shared updates on our combined vision systems for helicopters, our satellite communication systems that utilize both the Iridium and Inmarsat networks and our progress in developing touch-screen technology for helicopters. The presentation prompted much discussion on these topics and there was a lively question and answer session at the end of our presentation. Visitors to our booth at the event were able to experience our touch-screen technology first hand as we showcased our demonstrator for the first time in London.

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