Health and Usage Monitoring (HUMS) and Flight Data Monitoring Available Now For Smaller Helicopters

HUMS and Flight Data Monitoring

There was a time when all the safety and operational benefits of Health and Usage Monitoring System (HUMS) and Flight Data Monitoring technology were available only for heavy military and commercial helicopters. That time has passed thanks to Honeywell. We’ve tailored our proven HUMS/VXP and Flight Data Monitoring systems to create a highly capable and flexible vibration monitoring system that is ideal for single-engine and light-twin helicopters weighing less than 10,000 pounds.

Our HUMS/VXP system for smaller aircraft collects, processes and interprets data from 15-25 sensors attached to various components on the aircraft. The system enables condition-based maintenance by monitoring the health of vibrating and spinning parts and recording the operational context of events. Flight and maintenance crews can analyze trends and perform condition-based maintenance.

The HUMS/VXP comes in a variety of configurations – including different hardware sizes and weights – so that it fits perfectly in various models of single-engine and light twin helicopters. Examples include Eurocopter EC135 and EC145 and Airbus AS350 aircraft.

The system is lightweight and takes up very little real estate on the aircraft. In fact, some configurations of HUMS/VXP weigh less than 20 pounds, making them ideal for helicopters flying executive transportation, emergency medical service, search and rescue, oil and gas, firefighting and other missions typically flown by aircraft in this class.

Our Sky Connect Tracker III mission management system extends the system’s capabilities by sending real-time aircraft health status and maintenance alerts to operations and maintenance personnel over the Iridium network. This gives ground maintenance and operations people the ability to instantaneously see when a HUMS exceedance is detected, so they can be ready to service the aircraft when it lands.

Aside from the obvious safety and aircraft readiness benefits, our systems provide a wide range of cost-saving opportunities for operators. For example, using our technology, operators can perform a complete rotor balance in a single flight as opposed to multiple flights being required.

With thousands of systems in the field, Honeywell is the proven technology leader in HUMS and Flight Data Monitoring that deliver a wide range of safety, maintenance, reliability and readiness benefits for all classes of rotary-wing aircraft.

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