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HEMS Mandate Compliance

No one has more experience than Honeywell when it comes to developing and integrating helicopter safety technologies. That's why Helicopter Air Ambulance (HAA) operators are looking to us to help them improve safety and meet the new FAA rules that were released in February 2014.

Under current guidance, HAA operators are given three years from April 2015 to equip their aircraft with helicopter terrain and warning system (HTAWS) technology, flight data monitoring (FDM) equipment and radar altimeters.

As a full-line provider of avionics and safety systems for all types of aircraft, Honeywell is well positioned to assist HAA operators comply with the FAA mandate. Our HTAWS and radar altimeter product lines, as well as the flight data monitoring capabilities of our HUMS and Sky Connect Tracker III products offer the best available levels of performance, functionality and reliability. Just as importantly, we have decades of experience at integrating technologies to provide our customers with easy, seamless solutions for upgrading their aircraft.

We invented the Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System (EGPWS) and have delivered more than 2,000 helicopter EGPWS units so far. In addition, Honeywell has developed two helicopter-specific EGPWS offerings, designed to meet the needs of HAA operators of any size aircraft.

The MK XXI EGPWS is ideal for VFR-equipped lighter helicopters without radio altimeter modes and aiding. It includes an internal global positioning system card and is ready to interface with weather radar indicators, multifunction displays and stand-alone displays. While this system operates without a radio altimeter, the mandate requires that a radio altimeter be installed by the 2018 deadline. The TRA-45A supports the terrain display presentation from the MK XXII EGPWS. The KRA-405B provides the altitude data required by the mandate.

Our MK XXII EGPWS offers highly advanced safety functions for larger IFR-equipped helicopters with radio altimeters. In addition to standard EGPWS modes, it provides unique callouts for excessive bank angles, tail strike protection and autorotation. In addition to providing data for graphical display, the system provides aural terrain callouts for an added measure of safety. Our KRA-405B Radar Altimeter and TRA-45A display combines EGPWS and Radar Altitude in a single 3ATI display.

​The Honeywell KRA-405B Altimeter offers expanded scale for helicopter operation and provides analog and ARINC 429 outputs to interface with GPWS, collision avoidance and other aircraft systems. The altimeter provides pilots with accurate and reliable information about their height above ground. For aircraft without a radio altimeter, the unit can be easily installed to meet the FAA mandate.

The flight data monitoring feature set integrated into the Sky Connect Tracker III gives operators a unique understanding of how their aircraft are being operated and provides additional insight into operational and maintenance problems. With the Tracker III flight data recording system, operators can monitor a broad range of parameters including airspeed, vibration, altitude, oil pressure, torque and fuel flow.

Our BendixKing TRA-45A EGPWS/Radar Altimeter Indicator is ideal for displaying radar altitude and EGPWS information in a vivid color display that is easily viewed, even in bright daylight. Height-above-ground is displayed using an intuitive tape method and terrain data shows in various colors to communicate natural and manmade hazards. A compact 3-by-3 inches, the indicator is a drop-in replacement that fits the standard cutout for information displays.

As the leading provider of avionics technologies, products and systems for helicopters, Honeywell Aerospace is ready to help HAA operators reduce costs, improve safety, efficiency and mission effectiveness. Learn more about the full range of our helicopter capabilities.

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