Honeywell Helicopters: What’s Your Mission?

Helicopters are utilized across a broad range of industries traditionally segmented into commercial and defense. However, within each segment there are a variety of applications. In order to help our customers find the products that best match their needs and requirements, we’ve created new helicopter missions web pages.

What’s your mission?

Answering that question is the first step in helping our customers find the right solutions for their needs. Our new web interface focuses on seven specific missions: Oil & Gas, HEMS, Search & Rescue, VIP/Executive Transport, Law Enforcement, Firefighting and Military.

By selecting the appropriate mission, customers can now review a mission-customized page with a list of products that are designed to meet their needs. Hyperlinks will take customers to more detailed information about a particular product or service. The solutions offered are based on the specific interactions and experiences of the missions.

The new look and feel of the web pages aligns with the way that original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and operators view the market. Honeywell has made it easier for customers to step into the website and identify with the solutions that support their specific mission and industry. The redesigned helicopter section of the website will serve as a tool to make OEMs and operators aware of what is available for commercial helicopters.

Take a tour of the new pages here to learn about the Possibilities of Vertical Flight. Made Easy.

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