Engine Health Monitoring Offers Customers One-Stop-Shop Value

In 2013, Honeywell Aerospace selected CAMP Systems as the exclusive provider of Engine Performance Trend Monitoring for the TFE 731 and HTF 7000 series engines to improve the life of Honeywell propulsion systems.

The integration of engine trend monitoring and CAMP maintenance―renamed Engine Health Monitoring (EHM)―offered customers functionality for managing engines which had not been offered by any supplier in the past.

Now, Honeywell’s partnership with CAMP is in full swing to provide TFE and HTF operators with Integrated Engine Services (IES) for monitoring engine health.

"Customers are finding excellent value in the one-stop-shop nature of the new Engine Health Monitoring service, which was added to the CAMP website," said Brian Bale, Sr. Program Manager. "It includes the new Honeywell Diagnostic Application (HDA) to assist in troubleshooting fault codes or other symptoms that may be present."

CAMP is now providing trend services for all Maintenance Service Plan (MSP) operators using trending algorithms provided and maintained by Honeywell.

With a single login to the CAMP website―campsystems.com―users get visibility to trending, Spectrographic Oil Analysis Program (SOAP) results, DEEC/ECU faults and the HDA troubleshooting knowledge base.

Engine Health Monitoring

The new EHM service provides additional engine trending capabilities over the legacy service through the integration of Honeywell-supplied algorithms that are optimized for specific engine models.

HDA service is made available to service centers at no extra charge and is available to Honeywell field support personnel when additional support is required. Honeywell-authorized service centers can access HDA via the service center section of MyAerospace.

"An additional key benefit to operators who also use CAMP for maintenance tracking is the ability to take advantage of CAMP maintenance history to assist in troubleshooting, as well." Bale said.

CAMP (originally Computerized Aircraft Maintenance Programs) is the world’s leading aircraft maintenance tracking solutions provider.

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