Taking Flight in Turkey

Today marks an historic occasion for the Light Helicopter Turbine Engine Company (LHTEC) and the CTS800 engine in Turkey.  Turkish Aerospace Industries and LHTEC, a 50-50 partnership between Honeywell and Rolls-Royce, have signed an agreement to supply CTS800 turboshaft engines for the Turkish Light Utility Helicopter (TLUH).  The deal, which confirms a memorandum of understanding signed earlier this year at Paris Air Show, consists of a five-year development program to integrate and certify the CTS800-4AT engine model for the TLUH programme.

As part of this exciting agreement LHTEC plans to industrialize production and maintenance of the engine in Turkey, boosting the Turkish aerospace market by providing local opportunities for manufacturing and depot repair.  Specifically this will see local assembly, parts manufacturing, inspection and test and depot repair capability established for the CTS800 engine in Turkey.

The CTS800 will provide the TLUH with a well proven and familiar engine, which is already powering the T129 ATAK helicopter currently in use with the Turkish Land Forces.  The high performing, fuel efficient engine extends mission range and payload, meaning helicopters can fly further, faster and more efficiently especially in hot and high environments.

Commenting on the deal, Daryl Mastin, President LHTEC said, “For TAI’s new locally developed helicopter, the LHTEC CTS800 engine is a clear choice thanks to its proven capabilities in the most challenging environments.”  He went on to say, “The synergy between the ATAK and TLUH fleets will allow for greater efficiency in logistics, maintenance and familiarity for engineers, with a streamlined support network compared with other engines on the market.”


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