TFE731 BR engine upgrade supercharges Learjet performance…higher, faster, hotter, heavier

Owners of Learjet 40 and 45 aircraft powered by Honeywell TFE731-20AR engines have been flocking to the supercharged performance of the -20BR engine for greatly enhanced performance that lets them fly higher, faster, hotter and heavier.

Since the -20BR mod program was originally released to the aftermarket, more than a hundred Learjet 40/45 aircraft owners have converted to the -20BR engine configuration. In fact, approximately 70 percent of the entire Learjet 40/45 fleet has either been delivered originally or modified after delivery to the -20BR engine standard.

"This is a strong testimony to the tremendous performance benefits of the program," said Steve Gomez, Honeywell Senior Manager for Technical Sales.
"With the 'BR' mod, aircraft can fly into higher-altitude airports, take off in higher temperatures, climb to cruising altitude nearly 40 percent faster and enjoy faster high-speed cruise at any given altitude," Gomez said.

More durable hardware, originally incorporated on the -20AR model, reaches its full potential on the -20BR by allowing higher operating temperatures and higher thrust under hot and high conditions. This is achieved by a digital electronic engine control software modification.

According to Gomez, the -20BR mod helps to minimize the “this or that” decisions with flight planning that may arise under hot/high operations with the -20AR engines, thereby helping to simplify operations and make them more efficient.

For example, at a field elevation of 5,000 feet, the required runway length is reduced by as much as 2,500 feet. And with a takeoff weight of 21,500 pounds on the same runway, a Learjet 45 with the BR upgrade can take off in 8° to 12°C higher temperatures than one with AR engines.

Bombardier® and Honeywell have recently made significant pricing adjustments to the -20BR mod program to more closely align the value proposition with the current valuations of the aircraft in the aftermarket and the $300K value placed on the program by Aircraft Bluebook.

Learjet owners can upgrade their aircraft through the incorporation of several service bulletins. Different Learjet 45s may have different prerequisites depending on the serial number. Operators can contact Steve Gomez at Honeywell or their Bombardier Aircraft Services Regional Manager to learn more.

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