Revamped Ground Prox Website Offers Enhanced Access, New Features

With continuing rapid growth in new airports and runways comes the need for more effective, easy-to-operate tools that give business aircraft operators greater speed and control in managing crucial data.

Honeywell's aerospace database services has met the challenge by redesigning its aerospace software and database services (ASDS) website to provide enhanced access to essential information.

In addition, customers will soon be able to obtain terrain updates twice as often— six times per year—for a very modest incremental cost.

"The revamped site offers quick and easy access in a clutter-free, easy-to-navigate environment," said Ryan Lees, Vice President, Customer & Product Support, Business & General Aviation. "With the new format, customers only see the databases they need for their particular aircraft or fleet."

Upon first visiting the website, customers are asked to share key information about their fleet and operations that helps Honeywell streamline downloads and saves the user time sorting through unneeded data.

Beginning in January, Honeywell's new enhanced ground proximity warning system (EGPWS) terrain database subscription service will offer six up-to-date downloads a year, timed to pair with the customer's navigation database subscription.

By increasing update cycles from three to six per year, customers can get fresher, more accurate data so changes, whether anticipated or unanticipated, can be implemented sooner, keeping fleets "smarter" and safer.

Customers will find heads-up notifications of new or modified runways, changes in runway awareness advisory system (RAAS), SmartRunway/SmartLanding, and runway overrun prevention system (ROPS) status, temporary airport modifications and more—all with the ability to customize the new information to the operator’s specific destination or alternative airports.

For more details, options and subscription plan pricing, contact a Honeywell sales representative at or call +1 602-436-6737 (option 5).

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