Improving Fleet Performance for the Royal Netherlands Air Force

Honeywell Aerospace and the Royal Netherlands Air Force (RNLAF) have signed an agreement to increase aircraft availability, reduce maintenance related aircraft downtime and improve mission success. 

Building on more 20 years of collaboration, the new aftermarket framework agreement enables faster repair, maintenance and overhaul services for the RNLAF. The framework agreement simplifies the contractual process between the RNLAF and Honeywell for a wide range of services, including supplying parts, upgrades, product integration and long-term servicing agreements.

“Like all military operators, the RNLAF wants to ensure its aircraft are immediately available for deployment when required, making it critical to minimize grounding time associated with repair and upgrade work,” said Steve Lien, vice president, Defense and Space International, Honeywell Aerospace. “With this agreement, Honeywell and the RNLAF can collaborate on maintenance services faster, enabling us to work together to get aircraft airborne again as quickly as possible.”

Honeywell’s history of supporting the RNLAF’s operations dates back to 1995, when the air force took delivery of the first of its now 17-strong fleet of CH-47 Chinook helicopters complete with Honeywell avionics and T55 engines. Today, Honeywell has avionics and mechanical technologies, designed to make flying safer and more efficient, on well over 100 aircraft within the RNLAF fleet, including the CH-47 Chinook, C-130 Hercules, AH-64 Apache and F-16 Fighting Falcon.

“This is a special year as we celebrate two decades of collaboration with Honeywell,” said Logistics Center Woensdrecht Commander, Commodore Eric Schevenhoven, Royal Netherlands Air Force. “Honeywell and the RNLAF have worked on numerous fleet upgrade and extension projects during this time, and it is fitting that we celebrate the last 20 years with an agreement that enables both parties to work closer and even more efficiently in the long term.”

Looking to the future, the agreement also includes a provision for performance-based logistics support. Rather than solely addressing parts and labor, performance-based logistics involves a commitment to ensure the necessary number of aircraft are available at all times, to improve mission readiness and return on investment for the operator. 

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