Honeywell Offers "Gap Coverage" for Engine FOD Incidents

Honeywell Offers "Gap Coverage" for Engine FOD Incidents

August 21, 2015

Aircraft owner/operators have learned to rely on Honeywell's Maintenance Service Program (MSP) to protect them the unexpected—unplanned maintenance costs, downtime and unnecessary stress—while actually increasing the value of their aircraft

Business aviation’s most comprehensive maintenance program offers predictable engine and APU maintenance costs making it a practical alternative for managing future maintenance expenses.

Now, Honeywell has added foreign object damage (FOD) protection enhancements to MSP Extended Coverage.

Modern aircraft engines can suffer major damage from ingesting even small objects. In fact, it has been estimated that FOD costs the global industry $13 billion per year in both direct and indirect costs.

Honeywell's new "gap" program covers wear and tear items replaced in the course of an FOD repair that are not otherwise covered by airframe FOD insurance policies. Note that FOD gap coverage does not replace aircraft insurance.

Engines eligible for the new FOD gap coverage include any TFE731, TPE331 or HFT7000 series engine, as well as APUs, in good standing on Honeywell’s MSP programs that has an FOD event on or after January 1, 2015. CFE engines are not currently included in the program.

"Honeywell MSP customers don't need to do anything to their existing contracts to receive this new coverage," said Lucy Martinez, MSP Aftermarket Sales.