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Unplanned avionics problems can drive up operating costs or even ground your aircraft. But there’s an easy way to protect your investment and control your costs with HAPP – the Honeywell Avionics Protection Plan.

HAPP is one of the largest repair and replacement programs in business aviation, currently covering aircraft for more than 3,000 operators worldwide. Similar to warranty programs available for homes and vehicles, HAPP provides comprehensive coverage for mission-essential aircraft systems. The coverage lets you better forecast maintenance and repair costs and respond quickly when an aircraft on ground (AOG) situation arises.

With HAPP, your costs are fixed, which protects you from unbudgeted expenses if a major system breaks down and creates a “no surprise” environment. The program is available for more than 50 business aviation fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters and more than 25 different general aviation aircraft models.

When HAPP customers experience a failure with any line replaceable unit (LRU) included on their approved contract list, they can contact Honeywell via telephone at 1-800-601-3099 or use the portal to arrange for the LRU’s repair or replacement. Service is available 24/7/365 and if the failure results in an AOG situation, a replacement or loaner unit can be provided in as little as four hours in some cases.

In Honeywell’s experience, an operator enrolled in HAPP can realize significant savings for both major and minor repairs, compared to the typical out-of-pocket exchange and repair services (Fig. 1). 

HAPP provides factory-backed support comparable to the original warranty at an annual fixed price based on aircraft configuration and estimated annual flying hours. No buy-in is required. Service is backed by Honeywell’s global network of more than 600 authorized sales and service centers. Three-year contracts are available and the company offers discounts for early enrollment and multi-aircraft fleets.

A new HAPP Gold plan also is available for business aviation operators, providing additional layers of protection and further reducing the costs of a necessary avionics repair for HAPP Gold customers. For example, HAPP Gold provides 24/7 road crew services for AOGs, extended troubleshooting, counter-to-counter shipments and Saturday deliveries, free access to technical publications and no additional fees for no fault founds.

For more information on HAPP or HAPP Gold and a free price quote, drop us a note at

Honeywell has been providing repair and replacement programs for customers for more than 40 years. In addition to HAPP, Honeywell offers the Maintenance Service Plan (MSP), which covers engines and auxiliary power units, and the Mechanical Protection Plan (MPP), which covers Environmental Control and Cabin Pressurization Systems.

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