Transworld to Carry Helicopter Parts in Middle East

Honeywell can provide Middle East helicopter operators with faster access to critical engine components thanks to an expanded agreement with Transworld Aviation, a leading aviation services company based in Dubai.

The agreement covers parts for two of our most popular helicopter engines – the T53 and T55 – which are flown by many Middle East operators.

“By supplying parts locally through Transworld Aviation we are reducing grounding time for the numerous operators flying T55 and T53-powered aircraft in the Middle East,” said Steve Lien, Vice President, Defense & Space International for Honeywell. “After half a decade of successful partnership with Transworld Aviation in the Middle East we have extended our agreement to 2018 and expanded it to include new parts, making it even easier for regional operators to get the spares they need as quickly as possible.”

The T53 and T55 engines power a wide range of helicopters including the Bell AH-1 Cobra and UH-1 Iroquois, while the T55 powers the widely used CH-47 Chinook heavy lift helicopter. The Honeywell engines are known for their reliability despite the hot, dusty conditions that Middle East operators often encounter.

Transworld Aviation will also continue to act as a distribution partner for Honeywell’s health and usage monitoring (HUMS) technology, which improves helicopter safety and maintenance efficiency. Honeywell's HUMS improves safety and reduces unplanned grounding by monitoring for irregular vibrations and other fault indicators within critical components along the helicopter drive-train. By alerting maintenance crews of potential failure early, operators can take an on-condition approach to maintenance, lower costs and reduce safety-of-flight risks.


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