Introducing the Performance Accelerator – All the Service Bulletin Data you Need

Honeywell has just launched the Performance Accelerator, an innovative online tool for airline customers that helps you identify service bulletin opportunities for your fleet.

Now, you can search for service bulletins as well as retrofits, modifications and upgrades (RMUs) by a variety of convenient parameters. For example, you can review by maintenance check, ATA chapter, benefit category―such as fuel efficiency or safety―and downtime, to name a few.

To make it even easier to quickly get to the information you are looking for, the tool provides 3D models of twenty different aircraft platforms that can be rotated 360 degrees. Blue “hot spots” visually indicate areas on your aircraft that have applicable service bulletins or RMUs available. The hot spots deliver a brief description of the service bulletin/RMU and its value.

Many of the service bulletins and RMUs are equipped with a value calculator. This is a customizable tool that allows you to gain a baseline understanding of the savings―maintenance, operational, fuel―you will realize from implementing the modification based on your own fleet dynamics.

"The customer experience is designed to be quick and simple," said Robert Edwards, Customer Experience Manager. "You touch a couple buttons to get all the information you want, in the form you want it."

The new system was designed to be user-friendly for everyone in your airline from the engineering/maintenance ground crews and procurement/supply chain managers to the crew chiefs, flight ops personnel and pilots. It is optimized for mobility and available on smartphones and tablets as well as desktop computers so you can access your data in the office or in the hangar.

The Performance Accelerator is the first of its kind in the industry. It replaces the previous index-based system that required you to scroll through long lists of service bulletins, unless you knew the particular item's name or number.

"While the previous system got the job done, customers said they wanted a way to sort through the ‘noise’ to find the appropriate service bulletins and RMUs for their particular fleet in a faster, more efficient, user-friendly way," Edwards said.

In short, this is a tool designed with attributes that will assist you in your decision-making process while simultaneously determining your potential value savings.

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