Brazil and Honeywell: Working Together for Long Term Mutual Growth

Brazil and Honeywell: Working Together for Long Term Mutual Growth

Every two years at the defense and security show, LAAD, Brazil has the ability to showcase to the international defense and aviation market what Honeywell already knows: Working with Brazil holds tremendous growth potential.

Over the years, Honeywell has taken important steps to provide world-class support to the Brazilian defense and aviation customers, as well as other important segments like the oil and gas sector, chemicals, pulp and paper, metals and mining, and biofuels.

Just recently, we announced that Honeywell was selected to modernize the Brazilian Navy C-1 fleet with advanced engine and power technology.

Globalization is a key part of Honeywell’s growth initiative. During the next decade, high growth regions, like Brazil, are expected to contribute more than 70% of the world’s growth and drive significant growth over Honeywell’s five-year plan.

Honeywell solutions keep troops safe and operating efficiently in today’s battle space. At Honeywell, we are dedicated to investing in next-generation technologies to enhance mission performance.

Honeywell featured safety and efficiency products that protect those who protect us at the show booth, featuring:

  • Commercial off the shelf hardware (COTS) and custom military specified products provide office in the sky capabilities, as well as bandwidth for comprehensive C4ISR applications.
  • Sky Connect Tracker III satellite talk / text / tracking system delivers powerful mission management capabilities to enhance helicopter operation.
  • Honeywell enhanced ground proximity warning system reduces risk by maximizing reaction time to prevent controlled flight into terrain, while our weather radar products warn pilots of storm activity in time to reroute.
  • Honeywell’s airborne satellite communications (Satcom) solutions provide seamless global broadband service via the Inmarsat Network.
  • Honeywell guidance systems enable precise navigation and positioning.
  • Honeywell engines increase power while reducing fuel consumption.

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