What’s New with HUMS?

Honeywell engineers are working on product improvements for our Health and Usage Monitoring System (HUMS), including a new wireless capability that will make it quicker and easier to download HUMS data from your aircraft.

Using a HUMS wireless access point dongle, operators will soon be able to download data through a secondary device like a smart phone or tablet straight through to their server. The wireless app will make life easier for operators by saving 20-30 minutes and eliminating the manual process currently used to download data to a laptop and then onto the server. Mechanics will also be able to use the app to quickly determine aircraft status and make a go/no go health call, without performing a full download of aircraft data. Watch for more information on the new wireless app – coming soon from Honeywell.

We have also introduced improvements to our Onboard and Carry on Vibration Testers. These systems provide operators with the advanced diagnostic technology and supercomputer-like processing speeds needed to support Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) strategies. Currently in development is the VXP for the Eurocopter EC135, EC145 and AS350 aircraft. These three new systems will also interface with Sky Connect Tracker III which provides real-time exceedance alerts and Flight Data Monitoring in order to comply with FAA Rule 135.607 for HEMS operators.

Honeywell HUMS:

  • Enhances safety, minimizing accidents before they happen. Potential problems detected on one aircraft can be used to analyze an entire fleet.
  • Increases availability, enabling better maintenance planning, reducing downtime, improving turnaround times and increasing mission readiness.
  • Reduces costs, cutting maintenance and operating costs in the near term and over the lifecycle of the aircraft while avoiding costs of spares, dedicated test flights and asset recapitalization.


We’re not the only ones talking HUMS. Rotor & Wing recently published a two-part series on HUMS and helicopter flight data monitoring (HFDM). Check out what the helicopter industry’s leading trade publication had to say in “Right Part, Right Place, Right Time - How HUMS and HFDM can solve your maintenance, logistical and safety problems” and “Can You Afford a HUMS and HFDM System? Why you can’t afford not to.

See what Honeywell HUMS can do for you. We’ll be showcasing our HUMS technology at a variety of venues in the next several months. Come see how our advanced HUMS solutions can help you reduce maintenance cost, increase mission availability and improve safety.

  • Join us at Helicopter Association of Canada Annual Conference and Trade Show, Nov. 7-9, Montreal.
  • Hear a Honeywell HUMS expert speak at the American Helicopter Society Airworthiness, Conduction Based Maintenance and HUMS Specialist Meeting, Feb. 9-11, 2015, Huntsville, Ala.
  • Visit our boot at Heli-Expo, March 2-5, 2015, Orlando, Fla.
  • Join us for our annual HUMS Military Users Conference, 2015, Huntsville, Ala.

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