Honeywell Unveils Pilot Gateway App at GCC Meetings

Pilot Gateway App

The Global Customer Committee (GCC) is an independent group of nearly 80 business aviation professionals worldwide that works jointly with Honeywell to bring about improvements in aircraft, equipment, operations and services.

The idea is to proactively prevent problems from occurring through a free-flowing exchange of information, working through a “Top 25” Rolling Action Item List (RAIL) that is prioritized globally.

Among its most effective tools are the series of face-to-face (F2F) meetings held in various worldwide regions, seeking input from members on any concerns or questions based on the operator’s experience and to represent those topics to Honeywell.

At recent F2Fs in Phoenix and Prague, Czech Republic, the “Pilot Gateway” mobile application was unveiled to high praise from participants. This product development is considered a shining example of leveraging the GCC members to assist in developing a tool that meets the needs of Honeywell’s customer base.

“This was a Top 25 RAIL initiated in 2013 and will be closed this fall with the delivery of a mobile application designed by the GCC for the pilot community,” said Israel San Pedro, Honeywell Regional GCC leader.

The GCC currently numbers 77 members including OEMs, channel partners, operators and industry organizations, distributed among the Americas, Europe/Middle East/Africa/India (EMEAI) and Asia Pacific (APAC). Each region has two face-to-face meetings every year. In addition, there are two global telecoms between meetings.

Momentum continues to build through the end of 2014 with the APAC meeting set for Nov 18-19 in Bangkok, Thailand

Expanding the Pilot and Operations subcommittees continues to be a focus in both EMEAI and APAC with a special pilot-centered webinar to be hosted by Honeywell Flight Training specialists in EMEAI.

Meanwhile, GCC member engagement in Honeywell development planning is advancing for both technical and services endeavors.

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