Dual Initiatives Boost SATCOM Technical Support


SATCOM is a rapidly growing and increasingly critical technology on air transport, business aviation and defense platforms and Honeywell has undertaken two important initiatives ─ establishing a dedicated SATCOM/Cabin Management System (CMS) support team and a new technical productivity tool ─ to help technical support engineers better serve customers.

The newly established support team ─ which includes both SATCOM and cabin management (Honeywell Ovation™ Select cabin management system) engineering personnel ─ is focused in two areas.

The first is channel partner network and customer entry-into-service (EIS) training.

“Before our parts go on an airplane, we want to make sure our customers and their regional or local technical support team all understand how the boxes work together with the SATCOM system to provide reliable service for the end customer,” said Karl Schultz, Senior Director, Global Technical Operations. “The idea is to catch potential problems before they start.”

The second area focuses on tactical or operational technical support. If a customer has a problem, a multidisciplinary network of experts is ready to engage to quickly resolve their issue. This team combines engineering experts from Honeywell facilities in Phoenix, Sarasota, Fla., Olathe, Kan., and Ottawa, Canada, along with our technical support engineers deployed worldwide.

“Sometimes we have just minutes to get something fixed before a busy executive is ready to board his business jet and our response time needs to be appropriate,” Schultz said.

On the technology side, Honeywell has introduced a new tool, Aerospace Remote Connect (ARC), that gives engineers remote access to aircraft systems for maintenance and support virtually anywhere in the world.

The screen connect tool, aimed primarily at the business aviation market, is similar in function to the familiar remote screen control technology that most computer owners are now familiar with.

“This is a real game-changer for us,” said Amit Bhargava, Aerospace Technical Support Senior Director. “Our whole mission is to get aircraft fixed as quickly as possible. This allows us to troubleshoot more efficiently and return the aircraft to service faster.”

The software can be used to resolve issues with satellite communications products, Primus Epic integrated cockpit systems, cabin management systems and even mechanical aircraft systems.

With a laptop connected to the aircraft systems, the engineer can diagnose the issue, upload software updates and reconfigure systems without having to be on site. This tool often allows us to diagnose and reconfigure non-critical systems in minutes instead of hours.

“At 39,000 feet, the executive doesn’t care if it’s the service, the satellite, or the box on his airplane. He just wants it to work. That’s where our commitment to the customer really counts,” Schultz said.

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