Veteran Profile: Jaroslav Hajecek

Veteran Profile: Jaroslav Hajecek

November 28, 2014

Current Honeywell title and location: Customer Support Manager, Business and General Aviation in Dubai, UAE

Position in the military: 2nd Lieutenant, Deputy Company Commander, Army Reserves, Czech Republic

Length of military service: 12 years

Length of time at Honeywell: Eight years

What did you learn from your years in the service that helps you perform your job today?

Being an active drilling reservist provides me with a great opportunity to combine skills from both civilian and military life. The service has provided me with some of the special skills such as aircraft maintenance, combat leadership, physical and mental fitness and many others that completely complement the skills I need to perform my daily job at Honeywell. Being a Customer Support Manager in Business & General Aviation introduced me to a very demanding environment as well, where Honeywell was able to build, strengthen and further develop skills such as negotiation, cultural awareness, dealing with diversity in the customer environment and many more. All in all, the leadership training at both Honeywell and in my military service, coupled with excellent example of my current leaders in Honeywell, helps me succeed in my day-to-day job and also to use my skills in serving my country. I have to also thank all my Honeywell leaders for their continuing understanding and support of my military service, as I realize that it does take a toll sometimes on our team when I am attending my duties with the reserves.