Veteran Profile: Craig Hedstrom

Veteran Profile: Craig Hedstrom

November 21, 2014

Current Honeywell title and location: Associate IV Engineer in Minneapolis, Minn.

Length of time at Honeywell: 16 years

Position in the military and branch of service: Gunner, U.S. Army

Length of military service: 3 years

What did you learn from your years in the service that helps you perform your job today?

After graduating from high school in 1984, I enlisted in the U.S. Army. Stationed in Germany, I received training in air defense artillery/surface to air missiles. This early experience and interest in surface to air missiles brought me to continue my education after the U.S. Army to work in this area and support aerospace and defense at Honeywell.

The Army provided me with the discipline, self-confidence and physical/mental skills necessary to meet the demands of our many missions. These are some of the same skills I use presently at Honeywell. While I was on active duty, I learned how to adapt to any situation and support leadership (often supporting more than one leader at a time).

These foundational skills were easily transferrable to my current role within Honeywell, as I support several leaders and currently work on many projects. Serving my country has left me to feel honored and blessed. I’m proud to be able to support those doing it today.