Honeywell’s X-band Antenna System Ideal for ISR Aircraft

The Honeywell WaveStorm™ AS-X satellite communications solution is the right answer for military and government operators who need broadband, beyond line-of-sight (BLOS) capabilities that operate on X-band frequencies. Our system offers the right combination for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance operations by providing reliable high-speed broadband to connect airborne and ground-based personnel wherever the mission takes them.

That’s because the WaveStorm AS-X system supports airborne communications over all the major X-band constellations including Skynet and XTAR, and is ready to support future satellites hosting X-band payloads.

When it comes to performance, the system offers unsurpassed data speed over X-band satellites. In a recent demonstration in the U.K. over Skynet 5, it transmitted high-quality full-motion video air-to-ground at data rates of up to 14 megabytes per second.

The WaveStorm AS-X solution is extremely reliable and capable of maintaining communications links throughout the typical flight profile of an intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR), cargo or transport aircraft.

The system uses an aperture with two interleaved slot arrays for simultaneous, full-duplex transmitting and receiving and can easily change right/left hand circular polarizations. The antenna’s low profile reduces the size of traditional dish reflector radomes used for X-band communications by nearly half and can be shaped as conformal to an allocated swept volume as necessary. WaveStorm AS-X is smaller, lighter and has a lower profile to minimize drag, reduce fuel consumption and improve on time/on station performance.

WaveStorm AS-X offers broadband SATCOM on the X-Band, when and where you need it most, from the world leader in connectivity solutions – Honeywell.

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