What Everybody Ought to Know About Honeywell and CAE - Providing Training Solutions

March 24, 2014

While Honeywell develops courses, curriculum and provides subject matter experts with 24/7 access to their Technical Operations Center, the Honeywell - CAE Training Alliance offers a global network of training locations with specialized instructors to deliver maintenance training and aftermarket training programs.

The alliance combines Honeywell's courseware, equipment and technical expertise that are fundamental to an exceptional training experience, with CAE's unequalled expertise in integrated training solutions, simulation and modeling technologies, thereby ensuring one of the most technologically-advanced training in the industry.

For information on Honeywell’s training curriculum and aviation training approvals, please visit our website at MyAerospace.com, under Technical Service select Training Solutions. Once at the training home page, select About Training Solutions from the left menu, for details.

The updated website offers a new look and feel with improved navigation and input form for Special Training Requests, found under the Classroom Training menu.

Go here for specific instructions on how to use your training website.