Preparing for launch: Qatar Airways takes delivery of the first A350 XWB from Airbus

In a ceremony held in Toulouse, France on 22 December 2014, Qatar Airways took delivery of the first A350 XWB from Airbus. With more than 778 orders already recorded, the delivery of the first A350 XWB represents a significant milestone in aviation history, delivering unequalled advancements to airlines, operators and passengers alike.

In addition to being the launch customer, Qatar Airways is the first airline to adopt each member of the Airbus fleet. With a serious focus on the passenger experience, the selection of the A350 XWB by Qatar Airways comes as no surprise. The A350 XWB delivers passenger centric innovations in terms of cabin noise, heating and cooling, cabin pressurization and more. These innovations have been painstakingly engineered at a systems level to enable new possibilities for long-haul travelers. As an example, the cabin pressure system allows the aircraft to maintain a lower cabin pressure of 6,000 ft versus the standard 9,000 ft, providing passengers a greater sense of refreshment upon arrival. Additionally, the fuel efficiencies developed on the A350 XWB platform allow for streamlined operations, directly impacting many facets of the passenger experience.

The advancements on the A350 XWB were made possible by Airbus’ approach to its design. Rather than seeking individual components from suppliers, like Honeywell Aerospace, Airbus entrusted their partners to collaborate on a systems level. This approach enabled innovations across the aircraft, making possible the advancements that are only seen on the A350 XWB today. This opportunity was a tremendous undertaking, and its result will dramatically impact how passengers experience flight today.

Honeywell Aerospace is honored to play a part of the high-flying success of the A350 XWB, delivering support engineered for success. Qatar Airways has demonstrated great leadership, by recognizing the capability of this aircraft and being the first to adopt it. We eagerly await the many new possibilities this great milestone will bring.

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