How the C-130 Aircraft Continues to Transform

How the C-130 Aircraft Continues to Transform

August 4, 2014

C 130

The C-130 aircraft is a workhorse of air-forces around the world. In continuous production since the early 1950s, more than 2,400 aircraft have been built in over 70 variants. The question is how has this aircraft stood the test of time? It has continued to be relevant through six decades which have seen huge changes in operational requirements and tempo, not to mention the technological revolution that has taken place during this period.

The answer lies in the ability of the aircraft to transform itself. Retrofits, modifications and upgrades (RMUs) have helped to enable this transformation and indeed continue to offer operators the opportunity to enhance safety, improve efficiency, increase availability, improve maintainability and reduce lifecycle operating costs to extend the useful life of the C-130.

At Honeywell we have developed a suite of RMUs for the C-130, all of which add significant value for the operator. To help make it easy for operators to understand the options when it comes to upgrading their aircraft we have recently launched our C-130 case study. Here you can find details of a selection of the RMUs we offer, including our MILACAS-XR, which offers a plug and play replacement for current ETCAS system and incorporates Change 7.1 logic which meets current industry mandates, thus enabling military aircraft access to civilian airspace. This is just one of many solutions we offer to help make missions safer, more efficient and to reduce lifecycle costs for the C-130.

Read the case study to find out more about the C-130. You can also visit our RMU interactive for a 3-D animated look at our solutions in more detail.