Field Service Engineers – Americas

Rodrigo San Martin Field Service Engineer, Viña del Mar, Chile

Rodrigo San Martin

If you look for Rodrigo on the weekends, you’ll likely find him flying his Piper PA-28 Arrow. Licensed as a private pilot – as well as a boat captain – it’s one of his hobbies.

He first obtained his pilot’s license when he joined Chilean Naval Aviation as an engineer. He has degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautical Engineering.

Rodrigo has worked for Honeywell for 20 years, giving him many opportunities to accomplish new ways of working, adopt new technologies and keep updated with changes. He’s worked in the region for so many years that he says, “We are not working with customers, we are supporting friends.”

Now his career driver is customer satisfaction. He says he loves his work because it gives him the chance to help people improve their technical knowledge, increase reliability and help make the aviation world safer.

Fluent in Spanish and French, his expertise is with auxiliary power units for BGA and ATR, the TFE731, TPE331, HTF7000 and CFE738. He’s received several Honeywell awards.

When he’s not flying or sailing in his leisure time, you can find Rodrigo fly fishing.