Field Service Engineers – Americas

Patrick O'Hara Field Service Engineer, Corona, California

Patrick O

Patrick loved being a mechanic so much that he decided it would be exciting to take it one step further and become a helicopter mechanic, working in aviation.

His passion for his career is based on his satisfaction helping other aviation personnel keep their aircraft flying. His motto is to do what he’s trained to do to ensure a safe and successful flight every time.

On the job, Patrick focuses on Aircraft Vibration/ Health and Usage Monitoring Systems (HUMS). He’s licensed as an A/E 37T-24 Test Cell Operator, and is UH-1N/AH-1W Turn-Qualified. He’s taken a variety of courses, including for general corrosion control, T-58-GE-15 turboshaft engines, AH-1W powerplants and rotors, and UH-1N powerplants and rotors.

Patrick has 12 years military experience. He spent two years under contract with Honeywell for HUMS support, was a Honeywell Product Support Engineer for HUMS for five years, and spent five years as an OJT Field Service Engineer. He is a recipient of the Honeywell Customer Hero Award.

In his leisure time, he enjoys golf and fishing.