Field Service Engineers – Americas

Joe Craig Senior Field Service Engineer, Laguna Niguel, California

Joe Craig

As a kid, Joe had dozens of model airplanes hanging in different angles of attack from his bedroom ceiling. Joining the Marine Corps after high school, he started working on F4 Phantoms. He loved it – the noise, the power of the engines and the smell of jet fuel.

After the Marines, he went into corporate aviation (Gulfstream & Falcons) but was disappointed with how little maintenance actually was performed. As someone who had recently earned his A&P License, he wanted to take the wings off all the airplanes to see how everything worked.

After five years, Joe left to find a company that would let him do just that. That’s when he hired on with Honeywell (then Garrett Aviation). He’s been here since June 1981 and never looked back.

He started working on airplanes and engines, moving up to running a Channel Partner engine shop, a Quality Department and then a Channel Partner satellite facility overhauling TFE731 & TPE331 engines. Joe became the on-site Honeywell Rep for two OEM completion centers in the States and then spent a year-and-a-half for an OEM production facility overseas.

His motto: “Perfect or Better” since he believes when it comes to quality workmanship in aviation, “good” isn’t good enough. It has to be perfect … or better. Anything less is not an option.

Joe’s hobbies include sports, sailboats, dirt bikes, fishing, guitars and restaurants.