Field Service Engineers – Americas

Jack Wolf Field Service Engineer, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Jack Wolf

Jack’s childhood fascination with the complexity of aircraft and his joy watching airplanes fly was all it took to get him interested in the industry. He received his A&P license in 1980 and immediately worked for an FBO in Anchorage, Alaska.

He helped start a small commuter airline flying to Dutch Harbor, operating a mixture of aircraft (Grumman Goose, Cessna Conquest, Metro, F227 and BAe146). He gravitated to engines, performing inspections and modifying them. When the airline went out of business, he joined Honeywell as a field service engineer on the ALF502.

Jack has worked with hundreds of customers in various locations, and says he’s always been delighted to assist them in any way he could. His goal: Satisfying customers in a timely manner by answering their questions as quickly as possible.

In his years at Honeywell, he’s become proficient on various Honeywell engines including the TFE731, TPE331, HTF7000, 36-100/150 RE100/220 APU’s and ALF502R5. He follows a motto a former mechanic instilled him in at the start of his aviation career: “If you wouldn’t allow your family to fly on an aircraft, then it shouldn’t fly.” For Jack, safety is paramount!

Jack’s hobbies include hunting, fishing, canoeing and woodworking.

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