Field Service Engineers – Americas

Clark Rodgers Field Service Engineer, Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas

Clark Rodgers

Like many in aviation, Clark was always interested in planes. Becoming a pilot was his first thought, but he changed direction when he realized he had a gift for fixing things.

After training and receiving his Airframe & Powerplant license in 1984, he was working on an engine when his supervisor gave him valuable advice he still remembers: Fix it right because someone’s life might depend on it.

He says he still can’t fix anything except by doing it the right way, even if it’s a car, lawn mower or household item. When bystanders remind him that item doesn’t have to fly, he never fails to ask, “Aren’t you glad that people like me are working on planes?”

Clark began his aviation career in 1984 as a graduate of the first class from Texas Aero Tech in Dallas. After 14 years in the K.C. Aviation engine shop in Dallas, he joined Honeywell in 1999 and obtained his bachelor’s degree in Professional Aeronautics from Embry-Riddle in 2005. His job responsibilities cover mechanical business and general aviation operators, specializing in TFE/HTF engines.

In his spare time, Clark enjoys working on and restoring vehicles – especially his 1969 Mustang.