Field Service Engineers – Americas

Alberto Lopez Garcia Field Service Engineer, Toluca, Mexico

Alberto Lopez Garcia

Involved in aviation since 1985, Alberto has a unique way of looking at his job responsibilities. He likes what he does so much that he thinks of it like being at theme park rather than working.

After completing college in Mexico City, he received his Mexican DGAC A&P License. He is skilled in TFE731, TPE331 and HTF 7000 series engines, and RE100, RE220 and GTCP36-100/-150 series auxiliary power units.

He’s diligent about taking care of his customers so they feel they are receiving what they deserve. “I like to make them feel we are their business partners: they put forward the assets; we provide the caring.”

When not at work, Alberto is an avid bicycle rider. He’s a native Spanish speaker who also is fluent in English as a second language.

His motto: “Don’t let opportunities go by, they are just like time. Should you let them pass, they will never come back.”