MARCH 6 - 9, 2017 | Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center, Dallas, Texas

HAI HELI-EXPO 2017 is the world's largest helicopter trade show and exposition dedicated to the international helicopter community. It is produced annually by Helicopter Association International, HAI HELI-EXPO and will be hosted in Dallas, TX. The key operators and industry leaders will meet to conduct business, make buying decisions and set the stage for the global helicopter market for the year ahead.

Honeywell will feature communications, avionics, propulsion systems and BendixKing solutions at booth #5423 on the exhibition floor.

Schedule of Events


Tuesday, March 7


Wednesday, March 8

11:00 AM
Room A305

How to Use Connected Helo 08:00 AM
Room C140
Rotor Safety Challenge 
1:00 PM
Room C145

Manufacturer's Technical Briefing: T53 
11:00 AM
Room A305
 How to Use Connected Helo
1:00 PM
Booth 35

United Aero Group Ceremony
12:00 PM
Room C143
 Mechanic's Risk Matrix
2:00 PM
Room  C145

Manufacturer's Technical Briefing:LTS101
1:00 PM
Booth 6022
 Truth Data Ceremony 
2:30 PM
Booth 5423

HeliProducts Ceremony
1:30 PM
Booth 5423
 CanWest Ceremony
3:00 PM
Room A305
How to Use Connected Helo 3:00 PM
Booth 8540

 Eagle Copters Ceremony

3:00 PM
Room A305

 How to Use Connected Helo


High Flying to HELI-EXPO, the Connected Helicopter
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Join Honeywell Deep in the Heart of Texas for HELI-EXPO 2017

Honeywell Turboshaft Engines to be Featured at HELI-EXPO
Manufacturer Briefing