November 1 - 3, 2016 | Baltimore

The need to be connected is everywhere, and growing stronger. Whether you are an executive answering emails on a business trip, a student checking social media on their smart phone, or a soldier on the battlefield communicating across the theater, the expectation is that there will be a fast, high-bandwidth, and reliable connection available anywhere in the world.

However, creating and maintaining that high-speed, high-bandwidth environment anywhere in the world can be a challenge, particularly for the military. Military connectivity needs and requirements for voice and data applications are unlike those for civilian users. The military’s non-traditional flight paths, remote operations and trans-oceanic routes mean no reliance on land-based radio and cellular coverage, and the unique ecosystem of the helicopter with the vibrations and spinning rotor blades creates its own set of challenges for a satellite communications signal. Security and safety are paramount. In the end, though, regardless of the mission or the location, whether in the air or on the ground, the system has to work.

Honeywell (Booth 6019) will be showcasing its communications technologies for the warfighter at this year’s MILCOM conference and exhibition, held Nov. 1-3 in Baltimore.

Honeywell has responded to this demand, networking the skies to provide the most secure and reliable broadband airborne network for civilian and military operators worldwide. From airborne equipment to software packages and from the ground to the aircraft in the air to the satellites in space, Honeywell technology is there, providing vital situational awareness, enhancing safety and ensuring mission success for warfighters around the globe.

Honeywell has a range of scalable and customizable airborne satellite communications products for both fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft. Regardless of mission, aircraft type or system requirements, Honeywell has a solution designed to meet the operator’s needs.

  • JetWave Ka-Band Satellite Communications System: Powered by the Inmarsat Global Xpress satellite network, the JetWave family of products provides seamless global broadband service for military and commercial operators. This system is ideal for high-bandwidth, high-speed environments, including large military transport aircraft and others.
  • Hatch-Mounted Inmarsat Antenna (HMIA): This Inmarsat antenna can be used to instantly add voice and broadband data communications capabilities to C-130 type aircraft. Features include a non-permanent, no-scar installation that can be quickly performed by just one person.
  • Aspire 200 Satellite Communications System and High-Data Rate (HDR) Software Package: The Aspire 200 system creates an industry first – broadband speeds and data rates in a helicopter environment. The system’s HDR software package cuts through the impacts of the rotorwash on the satellite communications signal, offering 50 percent higher data rates (up to 650 Kbps per channel) than other systems on the market.
  • VIPER Mobile Satellite Communications Terminal: VIPER, a palletized high-speed data terminal, is a flexible, Roll-On/Roll-off system that is ideal for rapid deployment for missions that require a broadband communications pipe.

The demand for always-on and reliable connectivity – regardless of application or mission – is growing exponentially. Honeywell and its portfolio of innovative products and services across the connectivity ecosystem are ready to ensure our warfighters data needs are always met.