Company: Dimor Aerospace

Industry: Aviation

Honeywell Solution: Aspire™ 200

Dimor Aerospace, based in Fort Lauderdale FL, USA leases airplanes to charter operators. In addition, the company owns an aircraft manufacturing and maintenance service business in the United States. Leading the company is vintage aircraft enthusiast, Dieter Morszeck.  Dimor Aerospace, established Dimor Group Inc., a subsidiary acquiring Waco Aircraft Corporation, a legacy airplane manufacturer. Waco, was established in 1983 to revive the classic 1930’s open cockpit biplane design. As of today, Waco has produced about 170 new, handcrafted biplanes and continues to make about a dozen new airplanes a year. Currently, Dimor Aerospace operates two Phenom 300’s, one Phenom 100, a PC-12, a Cessna 206, and Pilatus Porter PC-6.

BI1Challenge: From charter passengers to business travelers, with worldwide destinations, Dimor Aerospace’s passengers always ask, “does this airplane have internet?” There is a high demand for reliable internet connectivity that provides comfort and service for not only for passengers, but for the crew and pilots as well. The passengers use it for business and personal use, while pilots us it for safety. bi22Solution: Dimor Aerospace was looking for a unified solution - offering service and the application for their customer base. To support Dimor Aerospace, Altenrhein Aviation – a Honeywell certified service provider and channel partner - one of the leading service facilities in Switzerland and Europe, installed the Aspire™ 200 System to the Phenom 300. With vast experience and uncompromising standards, Altenrhein Aviation provides premium maintenance services for business jets, turboprops and piston aircraft – ensuring safety and guaranteeing to solve any maintenance problem in no time. In addition, Altenrhein Aviation is now providing and maintaining avionics – specific equipment that goes inside the aircraft – to Dimor Aerospace. Honeywell’s Aspire™ 200 system, allows for real-time data transfer and aircraft tracking empowering pilots to complete their missions successfully and safely. The Aspire™ 200 Satcom System allows passengers and crew members to be connected during flight, reducing workload, while sending real-time data, quickly to and from the aircraft. Altenrhein Aviation has been supporting Dimor Aerospace’s Phenom product line for many years. Not only their expertise in the industry, but the product offering of Honeywell’s Aspire system, was the deciding factor to select the right vendor to complete the installation. Altenrhein Aviation provides Dimor Aerospace with regular scheduled and non-scheduled maintenance on the Phenom 300.

 With the support of Honeywell and Altenrhein Aviation, installation went flawlessly, delivery was on-time and fast. Customer service is number one, it’s important for us to be above average. That’s why Honeywell is a great partner for us, offering the whole package reliability, quality and support.”

 — Dieter Morszeck, Owner, Dimor Aerospace

Results: With Honeywell’s Aspire™ 200 system Dimor Aerospace continues to meet customers’ needs for comfort and service with reliable high-speed data connectivity. The most common feedback we get is, well the internet worked flawlessly, and it was fast,” said Dieter. Together with Altenrhein Aviation and Honeywell, Morszeck’s passion for aviation continues to help keep dreams alive at Dimor Aerospace and Dimor Group Inc., it’s all about service and customer satisfaction