Honeywell Partnership Supports CIAC's Market Expansion

CIAC, a leading provider of maintenance services to civil and military aircraft operators in Colombia, has established a strong partnership with Honeywell. Since becoming a Honeywell Authorized Service Center, being certified to repair Fuel Control Units (FCU) for PT6 and RR250 engines, CIAC has had immediate access to the certified spare parts and technical support needed to keep its customers’ aircraft flight ready. This is helping the company to provide a better service and to expand into new markets.

Bogotá-based CIAC manufactures aeronautical products and offers a range of certified maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services.

To support its diverse and expanding business, CIAC is keen to not only have relevant regulatory certifications, but also strong partnerships with leading providers of the technologies found on the aircraft it maintains.

“CIAC became a Honeywell Authorized Service Center because we saw the chance for a partnership that would allow us to provide maintenance for fuel control and engines, not only in the defense sector but also in the commercial sector,” said CIAC’s general manager, General (RA) Flavio Enrique Ulloa Echeverry.


By being a Honeywell Authorized Service Center, CIAC is able to provide a better service for its customers and its own engineers are also seeing benefits.

“The T-27 Tucano has a PT6A-25C engine and we use the Honeywell fuel control unit,” said Fabio Díaz, T-27 Tucano maintenance inspector, CIAC.

“Our partnership with Honeywell gives us immediate access to spare parts, and the reliability and confidence that comes from working with one of the biggest companies in the world.

“For us, the main benefits of working with Honeywell are reliability, quality and the support we receive from the company.”

CIAC is hoping to expand the relationship. “Honeywell is vital to the trust of our customers and for providing them with the best possible service,” concluded General (RA) Flavio Enrique Ulloa Echeverry.