HAPP Keeps Maritime Fleet Flight Ready for Vital Missions

Malaysia Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA) operates a fleet of Bombardier CL-415s, as well as AgustaWestland 139 and AS365 Dauphin helicopters.

“In order to do our job in maintaining law and order and to provide other maritime missions, we need serviceable, well maintained aircraft throughout the year,” said Colonel Syed Islam, commander of MMEA.

“We outsource the maintenance of our aircraft. This gives us the most economical, lowest cost solution to maximize serviceability so that we can reliably perform our missions.” 

MMEA’s two CL-415s and three AW139s are equipped with Honeywell avionics. The CL-415s are maintained by AJ Aeroservices and the AW139s are supported by Galaxy Aerospace. Both companies have signed up for the Honeywell Avionics Protection Plan (HAPP).

 HAPP helps aircraft operators to ensure that they have predictable and manageable maintenance costs. For a fixed-price, the program guarantees that any avionics repair bills won’t exceed a set figure, taking the uncertainty out of annual budget planning. 

AJ Aeroservices and Galaxy Aerospace have both seen cost savings and faster repair and delivery of components.

“Normally, there is an average four-week turnaround to get the components back to us. But, with HAPP, this has been reduced to about a week,” said AJ Aeroservices’ chief operating officer, Lieutenant Colonel Ismail Sharif.

Mohammed Jamil Samsudin, Galaxy Aerospace’s avionics maintenance inspector, added: “HAPP is very cost-effective. We estimate savings of about 20 to 30 percent per aircraft. Through HAPP, we can reduce our expenditure and we get a good and quick response from Honeywell.”