Shortstop Jet Charter Selects Primus Elite DU-875 Displays


Shortstop Jet Charter is based at Essendon Fields Airport in Melbourne and is the longest continuously operating jet charter and aircraft management company in Australia.

With the CRT cockpit displays in its Falcon 900C becoming obsolete, Shortstop Jet Charter wanted to futureproof the airplane and improve its appeal for when the owner looks to sell it in the future.

It selected Honeywell DU-875 liquid crystal displays (LCD) which are brighter and last longer. They also provide growth capability for electronic charts, advanced map, camera video, maintenance pages and, within the USA, optional XM® weather information.

Upgrading the displays removes CRT obsolescence, increases reliability and gives pilots a brighter, clearer and high resolution picture.

There is also a weight saving of approximately 7lbs per unit, with the Falcon 900C requiring five DU-875s. Additional weight is saved from the removal of cooling fans that are no longer needed as LCD displays run much cooler than CRT screens.

“It is apparent to me that anybody who is operating an aircraft with an original avionics fit would be very well advised to consider this system,” said Shortstop Jet Charter’s managing director and chief pilot, Michael Falls Senior. “It provides a quantum increase in capability and safety as well as a reduction in weight.

"For someone with an earlier model Falcon with the original equipment in it, this upgrade makes a lot of sense in operational terms, in safety terms and also weight saving. We recommend it highly."