Pilatus PC-24 Entry into Service

Pilatus delivered the first production PC-24 to U.S.-based PlaneSense® in February 2018, bestowing them the distinction of being the new jet’s signature launch customer. PlaneSense utilizes 36 PC-12s in their fractional ownership transportation service, and expects to add five more PC-24 jets to their fleet by the end of 2019.

This first aircraft incorporates the Pilatus Advanced Cockpit Environment (ACE), developed specifically for the PC-24 by Honeywell, and is based upon the successful Primus avionics and cabin pressure control systems.

Honeywell’s customer support team took the opportunity to meet with Jack Shields, Avionics Manager for PlaneSense’s sister company and service center, Atlas Aircraft Center. Atlas Aircraft Center is responsible for servicing the on-board systems, so Jack has a vested interest in the aircraft performing as advertised, and ensuring the aircraft is ready to fly.

Jack’s feedback was highly positive as the Honeywell product offerings have performed flawlessly since the introduction of the aircraft. He also expressed his appreciation for Honeywell’s team of Field Service Engineers who supported the aircraft delivery on-site, and providing avionics system training to Atlas Aircraft Center’s personnel.

The on-site support provided to this first PC-24 aircraft delivery was one of numerous pre-planned Honeywell support offerings insuring Jack, his team, and PlaneSense a flawless entry into service experience.

Honeywell Aerospace products have played an integral role in Pilatus aircraft for over 50 years, from the PC-7, PC-9, and PC-21 military trainers, to the highly popular PC-12 and PC-12 NG turboprops.