Hawker 800xp Operator Relies On Honeywell’s Exemplary Customer Service

Mark Jones is director of aviation for a Milwaukee-based medical company and, as well as flying its Hawker 800XP, he is also responsible for its maintenance.

Since his company’s Hawker carries so much Honeywell equipment, Jones protects the investment by using the Honeywell Avionics Protection Plan (HAPP) and Honeywell Maintenance Service Plan (MSP).

Jones values the close relationship he has with Honeywell’s customer services team: “The relationship between the Honeywell reps and myself is always going to be good.

“You can call them any time day or night and if they don't answer their phones, you’re transferred to the Help Center. You get answers and the service they give is exceptional.”

“They're worth their weight in gold!”

Mark recalls an incident where an engine that was running hot. He called Honeywell and they had someone with him in two and a half hours. Within four hours the engine was off the aircraft, the problem had been diagnosed and the engine was on its way for repair in Phoenix.

Six hours later, a rental engine was delivered and 12 hours after that, it was fitted, running and ready for the next flight.

“That's just under two days, for the engine to be removed and the loaner put on. You can’t beat that. There's no way,” said Jones. “Also, we fly overseas and the nice thing about Honeywell is that the company has a global support network. Somebody will answer the phone 24x7.