Brazilian Aviation Empire Built on Honeywell’s TPE331 Turboprop Engine

SETE Táxi Aéreo is one of the oldest aviation companies in Brazil. It operates throughout the Americas and specializes in charter, medical transportation and cargo flights.

Employing 32 pilots, SETE has flown Mitsubishi MU-2 and Cessna 208B Caravan aircraft fitted with Honeywell’s TPE331s for 81,000 engine hours over nearly 40 years. Twenty-nine thousand flights have been made and the medical emergency business has assisted in the safety of over 6,000 lives.

"The main benefit is that the Honeywell TPE331 is reliable," said SETE’s maintenance director, Agnaldo Gusmão.

"Performance is also important. One of the reasons that we use the Mitsubishis is the short landing and take-off which helps our pilots cope with problems, particularly in the rainy season when airports can be closed by heavy rain and we may have to divert."

The company’s managing director, Luiz Vilella, added: "The TPE331 engines have been very important to SETE over the years. They have delivered additional power, improved rate of climb and reduced flight times with bigger payloads, particularly with the Caravan conversions."

“Better cruise speeds and shorter landings are combined with fuel saving to reduce overall operating costs which are further reduced by the TBO which is now extended to 7,000 hours and by gearbox inspection and hot section inspection (GBI/HSI) times of 3,500 hours.

"These engines have been an important cornerstone on which I have built my business and I am sure that their longevity will support us well into the future."

Read the full story here.

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