Synthetic Vision–Primary Flight Display 2.0 completes the picture for Gulfstream 550

March 3, 2016

Gulfstream’s latest flight deck technology – Synthetic Vision-Primary Flight Display (SV-PFD) – is among the most technically advanced of all avionics systems, enabling pilots of executive jets to operate more safely and with improved confidence in nearly every situation.

Based on Honeywell’s SmartView™ Synthetic Vision System, SV-PFD is an option that is available on all Gulfstream aircraft equipped with the PlaneView® advanced cockpit. SV-PFD supports pilots in unfamiliar locations and all types of weather, day or night.

Alex Gunn, chief pilot of a corporate flight department operating a G550, uses the SV-PFD to fly to destinations around the world. He says the system eases his workload by giving him a perfect view of his surroundings day or night, whatever the weather.“It’s hugely beneficial for situational awareness,” he said.

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