Anschutz Corp Joins Honeywell in Celebrating 40 Years of MSP Success

Honeywell is celebrating 40 years of its Maintenance Service Plan (MSP), developed for owners and operators of business jets to provide a cost and time saving approach to engine maintenance.

By enrolling in MSP, aircraft owners can maximize their aircraft investment with the support of Honeywell’s expert engineers, while eliminating the risk of unscheduled maintenance – keeping fleets flying for longer and easing the pressure of financial planning.

Privately-held investment company Anschutz Corp was one of the first business jet operators to recognize the benefits of Honeywell’s MSP and has now been enrolled with the program for more than 37 years.

Over that time, the company’s fleet has included nine different aircraft and today includes a Falcon 50 that was manufactured in 1982 and a Falcon 900B that first flew in 1993.

“We have had remarkable success with Honeywell’s MSP program,” said Anschutz Corp’s director of aircraft maintenance, Jerry Owen.

“We have flown 57,400 MSP engine hours on nine different aircraft and have never had an in-flight shutdown or a technical issue that has affected the flight.

“With the MSP program, we have enjoyed ease of budgeting and peace of mind that we will receive quick and reliable support through the program’s channel partners when and where we need it.

“We plan on keeping these aircraft for the foreseeable future – certainly the next five or six years – and the Honeywell program is helping us keep them in top condition.”

Read the full story here.

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